Bandai TCG+ Team

  • Thomas Nguyen

    Photo Unavailable

    "Started playing pokemon by reading the handbook in 6th grade. All the kids laughed at me for playing the real way but that never stopped me from getting better."

  • Michael Fladung

    Life long TCG Player specializing in deck building and tournament mentality. Giving my all every day to be world champ.

  • Niko Huynh

    Seattle, Wa based player that started with Yu-Gi-Oh! but his love for the Digimon and One Piece TCG community was too strong.

  • Albert Leyva

    I’m from Porterville California
    I started with yugioh but transition to digimon
    Digimon is my number 1 game but I also love one piece and battle spirits

  • Brian Hayward

    Brian will be adding his details personally soon!

  • Jonathan Cortes

    Top 32 Evo Cup
    Top 128 DigiFest Miami
    2x Top 64 Regional
    2x Top 32 Regional
    One Piece:
    Top 32 Regional

  • Mario Filice

    Mario will be adding his details personally soon!

  • Anthony Tyler

    Anthony will be adding his details personally soon!

  • Chris Sok

    A casual TCG player. Has won multiple championships across multiple different TCGs such as Vanguard, Dragonball Super and Digimon. Cares more about having fun than winning.

  • Danny McNally

    Top 16 US nationals
    2nd place Ultimate cup
    Multiple top 16/32 at ultimate cup and regionals.

  • Erik Edhlund

    Erik will be adding his details personally soon!

  • Jeremy Joestar

    Lover of dead tcgs
    Multiple yugioh regional tops
    1 Ycs top, 1 Nationals top, 2 giant cards
    Speed Duel 3v3 Champion 2023
    Yugioh Head Judge for 5+ years
    Multi-game Head Judge for ARG, PPG
    Internal R&D, playtester for Argent Saga, SpellArms, and other games

  • Joshua Muñoz Jr.

    Joshua will be adding his details personally soon!

  • Koty Angeloff

    "If you want to be one of the best then put in the time and you'll get the results you're looking for"

  • Jackson Hoang

    One Piece/Digimon/Battle Spirits Saga Player based out of New York.

  • Kevin Zhao

    One Piece Achievements
    5 November 22- PPG Deck Limited Battles 1st Blue Crock

    13 May 23- Regional Arlington, TX 2nd Red Zoro

    11 Feb 23- Treasure Cup, Miami, FL 13th Green Kid

    04 Feb 23- Treasure Cup Niagara Falls, ON 5th Green Kid

  • Greyson Shartzer

    I am newer to TCGs with Digimon being my first one. I currently play OP, Digimon, and BSS. My favorite aspect of TCGs is competiting and deckbuilding.