Bandai TCG+ Team

  • Thomas Nguyen

    "Hard work beats talent when talent doesnt work hard"

    One Piece/Digimon Accomplishments

    2nd place digi fest
    1st place ultimate cup
    Top 8 regional
    Top 32 2021 nationals
    2 Top 16 treasure cup
    2 top 8 regional
    top 16 regional
    Runner-up Ohio regional

    TCG Advice: Unless you are like Jackson Hoang, someone considered as one of the best card game players of all time, results won't come right away. With more practice and repetitions you put into tcgs, overtime you will see better results.

    Hometown: Irvine CA

  • Michael Fladung

    "Life long TCG Player specializing in deck building and tournament mentality. Giving my all every day to be world champ."

    "My advice to new players is to always focus on improvements and not accomplishments. You can't win every event but you can improve after every event"

    Digimon Accomplishments
    2021 Evo Cup Top 16
    2021 Regionals Top 16
    2021 Regional Top 8 x2
    2021 Regional Top 4
    2022 Regional Top 16 x2
    2022 Regional Top 4 x3
    2022 Ultimate Cup Top 8
    2022 Nationals Top 32

    Vegas Launch Event Top 32
    Online Regional Top 16
    Store Champion
    Grand Open Top 32

  • Niko Huynh

    "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

    One piece Accomplishments
    Top 8 core TCG Long Beach treasure cup
    Top 8 ppg online treasure cup
    Multiple top 64 regional finishes

    Digimon/One Piece
    Seattle, Wa based player that started with Yu-Gi-Oh! but his love for the Digimon and One Piece TCG community was too strong.

  • Albert Leyva

    "It's Okay To Lose To Opponent! Must Not Lose To Fear!"- Mr. Miyagi Karate Kid III)

    Digimon/One Piece Accomplishments

    Top 4 CORETCG Online Regional November 2021
    Top 4 PPG Online Regional March 2022
    2x Top 128 Digimon Nationals
    A couple of store championships

    TCG Advice: Just focus on having fun and you will always win.

    Hometown: Porterville,CA

  • Brian Hayward

    “A Man's Station Is Only Limited By His Imagination."

    One piece Accomplishments
    Top 64 ppg
    Top 64 play tcg online regional
    Top 64 play tcg gencon
    Top 64 Treasure cup

    Even when things seem to not go your way today, your day will come, and when it does, don’t stop striving to always be the best

    Hometown: Willow Grove, PA

  • Jonathan Cortes

    “A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.” – David Brinkley


    Top 32 Ultimate Cup
    Top 32 Evo Cup
    Top 128 DigiFest Miami
    2x Top 64 Regional
    2x Top 32 Regional

    Never give up if you find yourself losing a ton, identify your errors and practice healthy gameplay habits over and over again

    Hometown - Brooklyn, New York

  • Mario Filice

    Mario Filice MariosGamingWorld

    Bandai PPG Ultimate Cup BT11 3rd place

    2023 Second Digimon Online Regionals 9th place

    2021 Third Digimon Online Regionals 16th place

    2021 PPG Invitational 10th place 2021 Gencon Regional 2022 2nd place

    2022 Carta Magica BT11 Regionals 8th place

    2023 PPG Invitational 2nd place 2021 First Digimon Online Regionals 3rd place

    2021 Bandai Regionals 1st place 2022 DC-1 Grand Prix 2022 1st place

    2022 Top Cut Ultimate Cup June 6th place

    2023 Regionals 20th place 2023 Anime North Carta Magica Tournament 9th place

    2023 Core TCG Ultimate Cup 16th place

    2023 Regionals 15th place 2024
    Hometown: Belleville, Ontario

  • Greyson Shartzer

    Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity -Seneca

    One Piece Accomplishments:
    1st Digimon Indy TCG Con 2023
    3rd One Piece TCG Con 2023
    1st Digimon Regional Gencon 2022
    Top 8 Digimon TCG Con Louisville 2022
    Top 100 Digimon Nats 2023

    TCG Advice: Early on you are going to lose it is more about learning from the loses and understanding why you did not win.

    Hometown: Corydon, Indiana

  • Koty Angeloff

    "If you want to be one of the best then put in the time and you'll get the results you're looking for"

    One Piece Accomplishments

    Top 8 online regional
    18th Gencon Regional
    1'st Place 3v3 Peoria

  • Chris Sok

    A casual TCG player. Has won multiple championships across multiple different TCGs such as Vanguard, Dragonball Super and Digimon. Cares more about having fun than winning.

    One Piece/Digimon Accomplishments:

    One Piece
    1st PPG Online Regional
    1st PPG 3v3 Cup Offline
    2nd DLB PPG
    4th Ohio Regional
    6th Top Cut Events Online Regional
    6th Knoxville Regional
    7th Playtcg 3v3 Cup Offline
    10th Gen Con Online Treasure Cup
    18th Coretcg Online Regional

    1st Evo Cup 2021
    1st Playtcg Regional 2022
    15+ Top 8 Regional/Cup Events

    TCG Advice: No matter how competitive and serious games become, It is most important to always play to have fun. Otherwise, what is the point?

    Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

  • Danny McNally

    “It can’t rain all the time.”

    Digimon accomplishments:
    Top 16 nationals 2023
    2nd place Gencon Ultimate cup
    Top 16 Oceania 2020

    TCG Advice: Find a good play testing group, play in plenty of tournaments and remember to always have fun!

    Hometown: Cape Coral, Florida.

  • Jeremy Joestar

    Sacrifice for what you want, or what you want will be the sacrificed

    Battle Spirits Saga Accomplishments

    Top 16 Monroeville Grand Open

    TCG Advice: As long as you're having fun, you're winning!
    Hometown: Baltimore, MD

  • Kevin Zhao


    One Piece Accomplishments
    Top 16 Regional Knoxville, TN (Red Whitebeard)
    First Place Regional Pasadena, CA (Red Whitebeard)
    Second Place Regional Arlington, TX (Red Zoro)
    Treasure Cups:
    Top 16 CoreTCG Online Treasure Cup (Red Whitebeard)
    Top 16 Treasure Cup Miami, FL (Green Kid)
    Top 8 Treasure Cup Niagara Falls, ON (Green Kid)
    Intermediate Events:
    First Place Online Deck Limited Battles (Blue Croc)
    First Place 3v3 Team Wars Greenville, SC (Red/Green Law)

    TCG Advice:
    “Surround yourself with the best players and you’ll become one of them too.”

    Hometown: Queens, NY