Lorcana Team

  • Jonathan Ball

    "Always remember, your focus determines your reality." -George Lucas

    -Two mtg GP tops(T32 and T64 respectively)
    -Multiple scg open top 8’s
    -Argent saga 6/6 10k’s attended top 8
    -FOW 2nd place GP
    -3 more top 8’s at GP’s for FOW

    Message to someone just starting?

    "Put in the work and you will reap the benefits"

    Hometown: Starkville MS

  • Michael "Bling Blau" State

    - If you ever hit rock bottom, the only place to go is up"

    - Top 8 YGO Nationals 2016
    - 2nd Place YCS Anaheim 2016
    - 2nd Place PPG Invitational 2020
    - 6 Other Premiere Event YGO Tops
    -13 Regional Top 8s

    Message to someone just starting?
    - Everyone who ever started playing a TCG started where you were. Anything is possible in card games if you put your mind, and more importantly, your heart in it.

    -Pompano Beach, FL

  • Michael Ferrante

    “ It takes 10 seconds to get in trouble , but 10 years to get out “ -My Dad.

    -Yugioh - 10+ regional tops , 1x top 32 nats
    -Lorcana - 2x top 8 1ks
    -Hearthstone - seasonal legend grinder highest rank was 9th
    -Argent Saga - 2x top 16

    Message to someone just starting? "When starting a tcg, play to have fun, your main objective should be to have as much fun as possible. Then if you really enjoy the game you can take on the more competitive side of it . That's where I would say having a group of friends that play the game will make your experience 100 times better. It will help make you a better player as well .

    Hometown - North Providence , Rhode Island

  • Manny (TowelManPurple) Orellana

    "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower" - Steve Jobs

    TCGPlayer Open Winner
    StarCityGames Open Winner
    2 Grand Prix Top8's
    3 Grand Prix Top16's
    5 Grand Prix Top32's
    13 Grand Prix Top64's
    3rd Place TCGPlayer Invitational
    Top32 StarcityGames Invitational
    Pro Tour/World Competitor

    Message to someone just starting?
    Never stop trying, never stop thinking! Always keep asking questions and always try the ideas you have, others may not see what you see. Practice WILL make perfect and surround yourself with like minded individuals. #TEAM

    Hometown: (Born) Queens, NY - (Reside) Kissimmee, FL