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JetMervamon [BT12-084] [Across Time]

JetMervamon [BT12-084] [Across Time]

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Set: Across Time
Card type: Digimon
Rarity: Uncommon
Digi type: Enhancement/Xros Heart
Play Cost: 13
Form: Mega
Attribute: Virus
Digivolve Cost: 5
Digivolve Cost Level: 5
[Armor Purge] [On Play] [When Digivolving] You may place 1 Digimon card with the [Xros Heart] trait from your hand or from under one of your Tamers as the bottom digivolution card of this Digimon. Then, if this Digimon has [Sparrowmon] in its digivolution cards, until the end of your opponent's turn, all of your Digimon gain [Blocker] and can't be returned to hands or decks. [All Turns] [Once Per Turn] When one of your other Digimon is deleted, unsuspend this Digimon. [[DigiXros -3] [Mervamon] x [Sparrowmon]]
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