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Parl, Hermit of Dark World [SR13-EN003] Super Rare

Parl, Hermit of Dark World [SR13-EN003] Super Rare

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Set: Structure Deck: Dark World
Card type: Effect Monster
Rarity: Super Rare
Attack: 300
Defense: 100
If this card is discarded to the GY by card effect: You can target 1 "Dark World" monster in your GY, except "Parl, Hermit of Dark World"; Special Summon it to either field, then, if this card was discarded from your hand to your GY by an opponent's card effect, you can Special Summon, to either field, 1 of your Fiend monsters that is banished, or in your hand or GY. You can only use this effect of "Parl, Hermit of Dark World" once per turn.
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