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Salamangreat Blaze Dragon [GFP2-EN025] Ultra Rare

Salamangreat Blaze Dragon [GFP2-EN025] Ultra Rare

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Set: Ghosts From the Past: The 2nd Haunting
Card type: Xyz/Effect Monster
Rarity: Ultra Rare
Attack: 2300
Defense: 1200
2 Level 4 monsters If this card would be destroyed by battle or card effect, detach 1 material from it instead. During the Battle Phase, if this card has no materials (Quick Effect): You can Special Summon from your Extra Deck, 1 "Salamangreat" Xyz Monster using this face-up card you control as material. (This is treated as an Xyz Summon. Transfer its materials to the Summoned monster.) You can only use this effect of "Salamangreat Blaze Dragon" once per turn. If this card is Xyz Summoned using "Salamangreat Blaze Dragon" as material: You can destroy 1 monster your opponent controls.
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